What Would Happen If A Dog Feasts On Chocolates

Death can be the result if the dog ingests chocolates, the food products that were derived from the seeds of the cacao tree. Just like humans; dogs love the yummy goodness of chocolates too. Stated this site, people that regularly binge on chocolates would suffer no ill effects from this food aside from getting a thickened waist. For dogs, death can be the outcome of eating large amounts of chocolates.

Not many dog owners are aware that this innocuous looking people food can have disastrous effects when eaten by the pet. The chemical Theobromine contained by the cacao seeds from where chocolates are derived makes this yummy food toxic to dogs. Chocolates are dangerous to dogs because these animals do not have the enzyme necessary to digest Theobromine. The poisonous effects of chocolates would depend on the weight of the dog, on the kind of chocolate and on the amount of chocolate ingested by the dog. Various chocolate products contain different levels of Theobromine thus some chocolates would be highly toxic and others would have no effect on the dog at all.

Misinformation would cause a dog owner to panic if the pet was seen eating the milk chocolate bar left lying around. No dog would ever say no to a bar of milk chocolate. A milk chocolate bar contains less chocolate and more sugar and milk thus one bar would have no harmful effects on the dog One bar of milk chocolate ingested by the dog will not cause poisoning.