The Universe has opened its doors

The Universe has opened its doors and has shown me the piece of property that I have been looking for. Now the Universe will bring the right builder to build the handicpped accessible home that I need. The Universe has sent the money for this and has given me a new beginning.

This new home is perfect for me in every way.

I give thanks for my new home, my financial windfall, and my happy move.

This has also given me more physical strength.

I give thanks for my Universal blessing!

Supporting Actions:

I am focused on my intention.

I will stay on the positive side and not drift to the dark side.

I forgive the woman that hit me and did this to me.

I forgive the “hells” defense and their doctors have done to me.

I give thanks for my excellent doctors and specialists for all they have done for me.

I am open to the wonders and miracles of the Universe.

I love my new home and my new beginning and I am very thankful for it.


Background Information:

My life has just about disintergrated since the accident five years ago – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

I end up on the dark side many times – and I need to stay focused on the positive.

Prayers and positive thoughts are needed and greatly appreciated!

Here is one point of mine:

One of my first spiritual teachers told me that when a strong desire for something good forms in my mind, all that is necessary for it to be part of my life is already present. Your house already exists, exactly as you want it, whether it is in the mind of an architect or builder, or already built for someone who no longer needs it, or in some other way that I haven’t considered.

All you need to do is to continue to focus on it, be attentive to the guidance your are given, and do the work to prepare for your move to your new home. Get all of your things organized and ready. See yourself in that new home. Feel the wonderful feelings you will have when you live there. Be open to the possibilities and listen to Spirit. You will be told what to do at the perfect time.

I see you living in comfort, peace, and joy, in a beautiful home that is convenient. I see you holding positive thoughts as you prepare for this wonderful outcome.