The Official Rules of Wizard Pong

Inspired by our love of Wizardry and Beer Pong, we present to the wizarding world The Official Wizard Pong Rules. These rules are only our recommendation, you can play however you want!  If a rule or procedure is disputed, then either the owner of the Official Wizard Pong Set or the homeowner (in that order) has final say.  If the final say is disliked by the players, accuse the owner of being a Dark Wizard and do whatever you want.  You’re an adult.


  • 3 Wizard Rings
  • 3 Ping pong balls
  • 2 Bats
  • 20 Cups
  • 1 Snitch
  • 1 Snitch Cup

Set up

  • Each team should set up 10 cups to form a triangle on their side of the table.
  • Set up Wizard Rings in the middle of the table.
  • The Snitch Cup should be placed away from the table at a distance that is difficult, but not impossible to make.

Teams and Turns

  • Sort players into teams however you wish.
  • Teams consist of 3 players with 2 teams playing at a time.
  • Designate a beater and seeker for each team.
  • Teams take turns shooting the ball at their opponents cups.
  • After all teammates take their shot, then the next teams' turn starts.
  • First team to make all of their cups or the snitch cup wins.

Cups and Scoring

  • Cups made are removed from play after all teammates have taken their shot.
  • Normal shots cannot be interfered with by the defending team.  However, shots made through a hoop may be blocked by a beater using his bat.
  • Blocking a shot using anything other than the bat count as a foul and the opponent is penalized by the offensive team choosing one cup to be pulled from play.  
  • If the beater blocks a shot that does not go through a hoop, a one cup penalty is applied.
  • The amount of cups removed at the end of the turn are based on the shots made:
    • Shot makes a cup: 1 cup
    • Shot makes a cup through a hoop: +1 cup bonus
    • 2 teammates make the same cup: +1 cup bonus
    • 3 teammates make the same cup: +2 cups bonus, and the team gets the balls back to shoot again. (cups made are pulled from play before extra turn)
    • There is no bonus for bouncing the ball.
  • If bonus cups are made, the defending team chooses which cups are removed.

The Snitch Cup

During your turn, Your team's seeker may shoot for the Snitch Cup instead of the regular cups. If your Seeker shoots for the Snitch Cup, your team forfeits all three regular shots for one shot at the Snitch Cup. In all cases, if you make the Snitch Cup, you win the game. The Snitch Cup also trumps Resurrection Stone.


Each team has three unique spells that they may cast at any point during the game, once per game.



Invisibility Cloak- Use your hands to cover as many cups as possible, leaving at least 1 cup fully exposed.

Master Wand- Your opponent does not get a redemption! When you make all 10 cups, you win.

Resurrection Stone- When your opponent makes all 10 cups, and you lose redemption, you get 1 cup back. Your opponent gets to finish their turn, and if your resurrected cup is made, the game is over.


Death Cup- Once per game, choose a cup and remove it from the table. (can be used on Resurrection Stone)

Crucio- All of your opponents must make trick shots for one round

Imperio- Dictate which cup your opponents must make for one round


Expelliarmus- Opponent plays without a beater this round

Confundus- Opponent has 1 re-rack

Felix Felicis - Re-shoot all your team's made shots from this round


Accio- When your team makes a cup, you may bring it to your side

Wingardium Leviosa- You may re-rack your opponents cups, but they must stay inside of the original 10 cup triangle

Room of Requirement- Re-throw all your missed shots from this round.