How to remove tonsil stones without gagging

Tonsil stones can be a huge pest and some people suffer with them for months and months at a time. Luckily, there is away to get rid of them at home but what people really want to know is how to remove those stones without gagging. Since stones sit right on your tonsils in the back of your throat they can be very tricky to treat and rid yourself, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stone(see images) was pretty easy to identify so if you start to see white bumps or pockets of puss appear in the back of your throat you may have them. They often carry the same symptoms of a sore or strep throat but there will definitely be a distinct visual difference in the two. A sore or strep throat will cause the tonsils to simply swell and make it hard to swallow but tonsilloliths can cause all around throat pain and cause debris and food to get caught in them as well.

If you want to get rid of the stones without gagging you have a few different options, depending on if you want to remove them yourself or see a doctor. If you do decide to go with the medical treatment option there are two ways they can be removed which pretty much guarantee you won’t end up throwing up all over yourself. One way a doctor can remove your tonsil stones is, by sedating you and go in with a tool to literally scrap them off or drain them (also called flushing).

However, if your tonsilloliths are more severe and causing you problems then you may get schedule for a complete tonsillectomy. This is also known as getting your tonsils taken out and even though it is a common procedure for children it does happen on many adults as well. The cost for a tonsillectomy can be pretty pricey depending on where you go though so make sure that your medical insurance will cover the surgery.

Homeopathic ways to eliminate your stones are also very popular, which are simply ways to do it yourself at home. Depending how large and loose your stones are you may be able to actually stick your own tongue back there and scrape them off. Some people have even said tilting their heads back and swallowing really hard has worked to remove some stones.

The next way is a hard answer because they involve tools. Using cotton swabs or tweezers to virtually squeeze the stone off of your tonsils but this does carry a high risk of setting off the gag reflex. If you want to remove them from you try it with a water pik and flush them out. This tools allows you to have a steady stream flush the stones away which is much less painful and easier to control than a cotton swab.

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