Home Remedies For Ear Congestion

Ear congestion can prove to be a very annoying problem for many people, and can cause them a lot of difficulty; however, there are home remedies that you can use. This causes them to get muffled hearing, hear popping sounds or sounds which resemble ‘cracking’ noises, making it very difficult for them to hear properly. It also prevents them from hearing the full sensation of a sound. The reasons for ear congestion are quite common, and most people often get their ear clogged on planes, just because of the high altitude. Excessive pressure can also cause the ear to become clogged, and can often result in pain too. Even though ear congestion is regarded as being excessively uncomfortable, the good thing is that with a help of a few home remedies for ear congestion, you can easily get it fixed.


There are several home remedies for ear drainage that people can try, all of which are equally effective in making sure that your ear canal becomes open as quickly as possible. One of the simplest home remedies for ear congestion that you can try is to chew gum, or swallow it after a significant period of time. This works greatly for those people who are traveling or planes or hiking up mountains, etc. Where the air pressure falls, try chewing a gum constantly and not think much about ear congestion. If that does not work properly, there are several other home remedies for ear congestion that you can try too. For instance, try pinching your nose or drinking lots of water. The reason why water is regarded as a helpful source is because it helps the Eustachian tube in opening up quickly. Another one of the home remedies of ear congestion that can easily open your Eustachian tubes is yawning, though it is a natural process and cannot be enforced.

Nasal Spray

Did you know that making use of nasal spray is being regarded as one of the best home remedies for ear congestion? A simple nasal spray, such as Afrin can easily relieve various different symptoms of ear congestion. If you are making use of such home remedies for ear congestion, just make sure that you follow the instructions listed upon the decongestant bottle carefully, because excessive usage of such nasal sprays and decongestants can result in rebound congestion as well as swelling.


Home remedies for ear congestion also include the use of antihistamines. If your ear has become infected with an allergy, taking a simple antihistamine can also greatly help. However, making the use of antihistamine as primary home remedies for ear congestion is not such a good idea, because when you take it for the first time, it can cause severe drowsiness. Making use of steam is also regarded as a popular form of treatment. It can be greatly helpful in clearing up sinus congestions, and can easily open up clogged ears. Just run a hot shower and stay in the steam for twenty or so minutes, and you will be able to see the differences much quicker than before.