Fast way to get out of your system on the urine test

What is the fastest way to get percocet out of your system fora urine test. Has anyone done this in 48 hrs. I took 17.5 mg on Sunday night and have a urine test on wed. anytime before 5pm. What can I do or get someone elses pee?

You have to drink 3 tablespoons of baking soda and make sure you eat something with water and then you will have diarrhea for 4 hours afterward, but for some people that is a small price to pay for getting high and getting away with it…

This does work. My boyfriend is a drug addict and is in rehab. You can also get someone else’s urine and put it into a visine bottle a medium size is better and then you cut the top off of it and tape it into your boxers (this is only for men), then pee into the cup. This is risky.

The first answer is the one my man uses and it works 100% of the time.

Drink a gallon of water the night before. If you want to you can put about a teaspoon of bleach in in the water and drink it. Tastes real bad and is not good for you but when i was shooting heroin and had to see my prole officer. I passed every time.

Should be out of your system in 2 days, I known people who would do percs every day for a week and stop 2 days before their probation and would pass every time, you should be fine but to be safe drink a bunch of water.