Are you vaccinated against Tuberculosis (TB)?

Are you vaccinated against Tuberculosis (TB)?

Sure am. Many many moons ago.

Here is what positive TB test look like.


  • Good I think that counts!!Yes, I am. A yearly vaccination is mandatory where I work.
    Correction: A yearly tuberculin skin test to detect M. tuberculosis infection is mandatory where I work. For information regarding the tuberculosis vaccine and the tuberculin skin test visit the World Health Organization at WHO and here are other information on the tb test details.
  • I think you are mixed up with the vaccinations…Yes.
  • •Thanks :))I bloody well hope so, i just got a tetanus and had an allergic reaction and couldn’t walk for a week, no more for me!
  • •Wow I know it happens but have never known anyone to actually have a reaction….thats pretty bad!Yes I am.
  • •I’m glad you are because Tb is on its way back!!!Yes, because I am the military’s lab rat
  • •Ha!!! because your a funny lady!!!I didn’t know that there was a vaccine for TB. There is a test for TB. Most states require teachers to be tested. Cattle have to be tested too. It is very much on the rise, but no where near what it was in the 1920s and ’30s.
    The dr. santa site, in particular, is a very good resource on the TB epidemics. The opacity site has photos of many different sanitariums. Some were later converted for use as mental hospitals, but many started out as sanitariums in the epidemics.

    Yes I am. when I was living in France we had to have it.It’s a mandatory vaccine over there.
  • •Oh Dave long time no speak…hope your ok?
    Thanks.Yes, when I was at school we all got an injection called BCG, which vaccinated against this. You got an injection of six needles in your lower arm, and then later an injection in your upper arm. This was always done on the arm opposite to the one you wrote with, and when it was BCG time all the older guys would walk around punching the younger guys on the left arm to hurt where they had been injected, as it came up in a lump. I’m left-handed so they were punching the wrong arm, but I would pretend it hurt anyway…
  • •Yes…I asked this question because I recently found out that a child at a local school has TB…so they are monitoring every child in the school…also I believe TB will come back!What! I didn’t know you could get a vaccination for that.
  • •Its worth looking into…. thanks :))Yes. Got re-vaccinated five years ago when I stepped on a rusty nail. They only last ten years, the vaccine, not the rusty nails.
  • •Wouldn’t that be tetanus, not tuberculosis?im pretty sure i have, if thats 1 of the injections you get at school? i never missed one
  • •Yes…you could ask your GP its always worth checking…thanks :)Yes, back in the late 1950s when my dad got the illness. The whole family, except for my newborn brother, had to get vaccinated.
  • •Thanks Roses….Its a nasty illness to have and its apparently on the increase again!Good question. No, I don’t think I am. Scarily, my Brother and sister in-law went to Egypt and caught it a few years back. It took 9 months to get well again, even with the really strong medication.
  • •I asked this question because I recently found out that a child at a local school here in the UK has TB…so they are monitoring every child in that school…also I believe that TB is becoming a concern again!