What Would Happen If A Dog Feasts On Chocolates

Death can be the result if the dog ingests chocolates, the food products that were derived from the seeds of the cacao tree. Just like humans; dogs love the yummy goodness of chocolates too. Stated this site, people that regularly binge on chocolates would suffer no ill effects from this food aside from getting a thickened waist. For dogs, death can be the outcome of eating large amounts of chocolates.

Not many dog owners are aware that this innocuous looking people food can have disastrous effects when eaten by the pet. The chemical Theobromine contained by the cacao seeds from where chocolates are derived makes this yummy food toxic to dogs. Chocolates are dangerous to dogs because these animals do not have the enzyme necessary to digest Theobromine. The poisonous effects of chocolates would depend on the weight of the dog, on the kind of chocolate and on the amount of chocolate ingested by the dog. Various chocolate products contain different levels of Theobromine thus some chocolates would be highly toxic and others would have no effect on the dog at all.

Misinformation would cause a dog owner to panic if the pet was seen eating the milk chocolate bar left lying around. No dog would ever say no to a bar of milk chocolate. A milk chocolate bar contains less chocolate and more sugar and milk thus one bar would have no harmful effects on the dog One bar of milk chocolate ingested by the dog will not cause poisoning.

How to remove tonsil stones without gagging

Tonsil stones can be a huge pest and some people suffer with them for months and months at a time. Luckily, there is away to get rid of them at home but what people really want to know is how to remove those stones without gagging. Since stones sit right on your tonsils in the back of your throat they can be very tricky to treat and rid yourself, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stone(see images) was pretty easy to identify so if you start to see white bumps or pockets of puss appear in the back of your throat you may have them. They often carry the same symptoms of a sore or strep throat but there will definitely be a distinct visual difference in the two. A sore or strep throat will cause the tonsils to simply swell and make it hard to swallow but tonsilloliths can cause all around throat pain and cause debris and food to get caught in them as well.

If you want to get rid of the stones without gagging you have a few different options, depending on if you want to remove them yourself or see a doctor. If you do decide to go with the medical treatment option there are two ways they can be removed which pretty much guarantee you won’t end up throwing up all over yourself. One way a doctor can remove your tonsil stones is, by sedating you and go in with a tool to literally scrap them off or drain them (also called flushing).

However, if your tonsilloliths are more severe and causing you problems then you may get schedule for a complete tonsillectomy. This is also known as getting your tonsils taken out and even though it is a common procedure for children it does happen on many adults as well. The cost for a tonsillectomy can be pretty pricey depending on where you go though so make sure that your medical insurance will cover the surgery.

Homeopathic ways to eliminate your stones are also very popular, which are simply ways to do it yourself at home. Depending how large and loose your stones are you may be able to actually stick your own tongue back there and scrape them off. Some people have even said tilting their heads back and swallowing really hard has worked to remove some stones.

The next way is a hard answer because they involve tools. Using cotton swabs or tweezers to virtually squeeze the stone off of your tonsils but this does carry a high risk of setting off the gag reflex. If you want to remove them from you try it with a water pik and flush them out. This tools allows you to have a steady stream flush the stones away which is much less painful and easier to control than a cotton swab.

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Folic Acid Health Benefits

Folic acid, or vitamin B9, is obtainable in supplements. It’s also put into many grain products, including cereals, breads, and flours. Vitamin B9 is located naturally in several foods. There are not only for pregnant women and many health benefits.

Wellness Advantages:

1. Tobacco, booze and specific medications reduce folic acid levels within you. A folate supplement might be useful to counteract the destruction of the nutrient. 2. Effective treatment for to prevent malaria and anemia. 3. Folate helps the body make new cells. 4. Enhances bone health, hearing loss, and short term memory, fertility, rheumatoid arthritis. 5. Increased energy levels. 6. Improves effectiveness. 7. Prevent congenital defects, like neural tube defects, particularly when taking these supplements just before understanding and throughout the first months of pregnancy. Women must not consider it late in pregnancy because of a heightened danger of childhood asthma. 8. Reduces risk elements for cervical dysplasia, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, swing, osteoporosis, blood vessel disease, asthma, and macular degeneration. 9. Reduces the possibility of renal (kidney) disorders in kids. 10. Alleviates hot flushes in post menopausal women.

Food Meals:

An excellent method to recall a few of the foods which are rich in folate would be to believe leaf and forest green. The primary source of folate is seen in plants. Dry beans: pinto, kidney, black, peas Fruits: grape, oranges, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, papaya, raspberries Fruit crushes: fruit, tomato, grapefruit, pineapple Giblets Liver Crazy: Peanuts, hazelnuts (retain the greatest concentration of folacin). Peas: garbanzo (chickpeas), black-eye d peas, green peas Soymilk Sunflower seed Veg I: (Green, green vegetables) romaine, spinach, asparagus or spinach lettuce, turnip greens, mustard greens, collards, Chinese cabbage Vegetables II: asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, gumbo, corn, cauliflower, potato, beetroot, green onions, sweet red peppers Folic acid can be found in fortified flour, pasta, white rice, cornmeal, whole wheat breads and breakfast cereals, wheat germ.

Recommended Nutritional Allowances

Whoever said that there isn’t any such thing as too much of the great thing was incorrect. Too much of anything is not good, as amazing as folate is. The effects of vitamin B12 insufficiency can worsen and influence the absorption of B12. Getting a lot more compared to the tolerable upper intake level (UL) can hide the signs of vitamin B12 deficiencies. The Proposed Dietary Allowances (RDA) of folate is 400 mg. women that are pregnant should have a folate product with 400 to 800 mcg of folate in the really early periods and prior to becoming pregnancy. 500 mcg is needed by breastfeeding women. Most prenatal vitamins have the essential quantity of this supplement in breastfeeding women.


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How do you Make Yourself Throw Up

I know you really don’t want to throw up but sometimes we just know if we do it and get it over with, we will feel much better. It’s quite easy but a bit unpleasant. Head for the toilet bowl and kneel over it. Stick your index and middle finger down your throat. Get ready to gag and eventually throw up. Have fun.

Vomiting picture:

how to make yourself throw up

Most people will use their gag reflex to make themselves throw up, see here for details. This can be done with your finger or a utensil to hit the gag point in your throat. In ancient Rome, they had ones carved from ivory to make themselves throw up so they could eat more. Not a healthy thing to do.

Home Remedies For Ear Congestion

Ear congestion can prove to be a very annoying problem for many people, and can cause them a lot of difficulty; however, there are home remedies that you can use. This causes them to get muffled hearing, hear popping sounds or sounds which resemble ‘cracking’ noises, making it very difficult for them to hear properly. It also prevents them from hearing the full sensation of a sound. The reasons for ear congestion are quite common, and most people often get their ear clogged on planes, just because of the high altitude. Excessive pressure can also cause the ear to become clogged, and can often result in pain too. Even though ear congestion is regarded as being excessively uncomfortable, the good thing is that with a help of a few home remedies for ear congestion, you can easily get it fixed.


There are several home remedies for ear drainage that people can try, all of which are equally effective in making sure that your ear canal becomes open as quickly as possible. One of the simplest home remedies for ear congestion that you can try is to chew gum, or swallow it after a significant period of time. This works greatly for those people who are traveling or planes or hiking up mountains, etc. Where the air pressure falls, try chewing a gum constantly and not think much about ear congestion. If that does not work properly, there are several other home remedies for ear congestion that you can try too. For instance, try pinching your nose or drinking lots of water. The reason why water is regarded as a helpful source is because it helps the Eustachian tube in opening up quickly. Another one of the home remedies of ear congestion that can easily open your Eustachian tubes is yawning, though it is a natural process and cannot be enforced.

Nasal Spray

Did you know that making use of nasal spray is being regarded as one of the best home remedies for ear congestion? A simple nasal spray, such as Afrin can easily relieve various different symptoms of ear congestion. If you are making use of such home remedies for ear congestion, just make sure that you follow the instructions listed upon the decongestant bottle carefully, because excessive usage of such nasal sprays and decongestants can result in rebound congestion as well as swelling.


Home remedies for ear congestion also include the use of antihistamines. If your ear has become infected with an allergy, taking a simple antihistamine can also greatly help. However, making the use of antihistamine as primary home remedies for ear congestion is not such a good idea, because when you take it for the first time, it can cause severe drowsiness. Making use of steam is also regarded as a popular form of treatment. It can be greatly helpful in clearing up sinus congestions, and can easily open up clogged ears. Just run a hot shower and stay in the steam for twenty or so minutes, and you will be able to see the differences much quicker than before.

Are you vaccinated against Tuberculosis (TB)?

Are you vaccinated against Tuberculosis (TB)?

Sure am. Many many moons ago.

Here is what positive TB test look like.


  • Good I think that counts!!Yes, I am. A yearly vaccination is mandatory where I work.
    Correction: A yearly tuberculin skin test to detect M. tuberculosis infection is mandatory where I work. For information regarding the tuberculosis vaccine and the tuberculin skin test visit the World Health Organization at WHO and here are other information on the tb test details.
  • I think you are mixed up with the vaccinations…Yes.
  • •Thanks :))I bloody well hope so, i just got a tetanus and had an allergic reaction and couldn’t walk for a week, no more for me!
  • •Wow I know it happens but have never known anyone to actually have a reaction….thats pretty bad!Yes I am.
  • •I’m glad you are because Tb is on its way back!!!Yes, because I am the military’s lab rat
  • •Ha!!! because your a funny lady!!!I didn’t know that there was a vaccine for TB. There is a test for TB. Most states require teachers to be tested. Cattle have to be tested too. It is very much on the rise, but no where near what it was in the 1920s and ’30s.http://www.opacity.us/
    The dr. santa site, in particular, is a very good resource on the TB epidemics. The opacity site has photos of many different sanitariums. Some were later converted for use as mental hospitals, but many started out as sanitariums in the epidemics.

    Yes I am. when I was living in France we had to have it.It’s a mandatory vaccine over there.
  • •Oh Dave long time no speak…hope your ok?
    Thanks.Yes, when I was at school we all got an injection called BCG, which vaccinated against this. You got an injection of six needles in your lower arm, and then later an injection in your upper arm. This was always done on the arm opposite to the one you wrote with, and when it was BCG time all the older guys would walk around punching the younger guys on the left arm to hurt where they had been injected, as it came up in a lump. I’m left-handed so they were punching the wrong arm, but I would pretend it hurt anyway…
  • •Yes…I asked this question because I recently found out that a child at a local school has TB…so they are monitoring every child in the school…also I believe TB will come back!What! I didn’t know you could get a vaccination for that.
  • •Its worth looking into…. thanks :))Yes. Got re-vaccinated five years ago when I stepped on a rusty nail. They only last ten years, the vaccine, not the rusty nails.
  • •Wouldn’t that be tetanus, not tuberculosis?im pretty sure i have, if thats 1 of the injections you get at school? i never missed one
  • •Yes…you could ask your GP its always worth checking…thanks :)Yes, back in the late 1950s when my dad got the illness. The whole family, except for my newborn brother, had to get vaccinated.
  • •Thanks Roses….Its a nasty illness to have and its apparently on the increase again!Good question. No, I don’t think I am. Scarily, my Brother and sister in-law went to Egypt and caught it a few years back. It took 9 months to get well again, even with the really strong medication.
  • •I asked this question because I recently found out that a child at a local school here in the UK has TB…so they are monitoring every child in that school…also I believe that TB is becoming a concern again!

Fast way to get out of your system on the urine test

What is the fastest way to get percocet out of your system fora urine test. Has anyone done this in 48 hrs. I took 17.5 mg on Sunday night and have a urine test on wed. anytime before 5pm. What can I do or get someone elses pee?

You have to drink 3 tablespoons of baking soda and make sure you eat something with water and then you will have diarrhea for 4 hours afterward, but for some people that is a small price to pay for getting high and getting away with it…

This does work. My boyfriend is a drug addict and is in rehab. You can also get someone else’s urine and put it into a visine bottle a medium size is better and then you cut the top off of it and tape it into your boxers (this is only for men), then pee into the cup. This is risky.

The first answer is the one my man uses and it works 100% of the time.

Drink a gallon of water the night before. If you want to you can put about a teaspoon of bleach in in the water and drink it. Tastes real bad and is not good for you but when i was shooting heroin and had to see my prole officer. I passed every time.

Should be out of your system in 2 days, I known people who would do percs every day for a week and stop 2 days before their probation and would pass every time, you should be fine but to be safe drink a bunch of water.

Eliminate Your Double Chin

You might wish to try the mirror sideways, since you might just have one if do not believe you’ve a double chin. Many times they can’t be seen looking ahead directly into the mirror.

Prevent getting another one and to lose the chin fat you’ve, the very best advice would be to alter your entire lifestyle. After all, you didn’t get a double chin by staying away from junk food, working out and eating healthy. It’s possible for you to get rid of your chin fats by transferring your body on a regular basis learning what foods are wholesome you can eat considerable amounts of and preventing high fat, high sugar, white flour foods that are high. This is actually the most healthful way even though it really isn’t the most easy to eliminate your condition. For many people, even after major weight loss, there’s still excessive skin which may have to be eliminated utilizing another technique on healthguidedaily.com. Start promptly by dining at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruits every day. Eat wholegrain foods like wholegrain bread, wholegrain pasta, oats and brown rice cuts. Prevent consuming convenience food, unhealthy food, fried foods, foods include high fructose corn syrup or partly hydrogenated oils. The most essential part would be to begin transferring your body, beginning by walking only 10 minutes daily. Over time you can raise the quantity of time you go before you’re walking 45-60 minutes daily, nearly every day. Can add some weight training.

There are a number of people who encourage exercising the chin as a method to reduce your double chin. This seems utterly absurd. One believe you’d be wasting your time. Most likely you do nothing or really little to fight the problem, although it may seem that you’re leading to the decrease in your chin. Stick with altering your way of life for much better outcomes.

Another choice that only may be possible is dissolving the fat. You may have to get professional advice from a physician who specializes in this field of plastic surgery. In the event you as well as your physician determine that it’s the correct procedure that’s best for you, you might need to ask lots of questions before you concur, for example “Will the fat comeback?” and “what’s the success rate?” The procedure needs injections and multiple physician visits, one only needed to frighten you!

You might have learned of utilizing an ultrasound to remove your double chin. This technique seems easy, but you may need to speak with heath care professional or your physician regarding the details and whether it’s right for you.

Another fantasy technique I’ve learned of is the chin wrap. Anyone who believes that their double chin will be eliminated by wrapping something around their chin is delusional. Certainly this is not going to make any major difference in the overall size of the chin.

There’s the old standby of cosmetic surgery. This option is not promoted by me because I don’t believe it is crucial by risking your life to repair your chin. I don’t care what the numbers are, every surgical treatment has the danger of passing. Remove that risk by shifting to a wholesome lifestyle rather than cosmetic surgery.

With this particular listing of choices, there’s just one option that is great, alter your lifestyle. Eat healthful foods, exercise and have a favorable attitude. Discuss any problems you have with your physician and good luck to you personally!

The Universe has opened its doors

The Universe has opened its doors and has shown me the piece of property that I have been looking for. Now the Universe will bring the right builder to build the handicpped accessible home that I need. The Universe has sent the money for this and has given me a new beginning.

This new home is perfect for me in every way.

I give thanks for my new home, my financial windfall, and my happy move.

This has also given me more physical strength.

I give thanks for my Universal blessing!

Supporting Actions:

I am focused on my intention.

I will stay on the positive side and not drift to the dark side.

I forgive the woman that hit me and did this to me.

I forgive the “hells” defense and their doctors have done to me.

I give thanks for my excellent doctors and specialists for all they have done for me.

I am open to the wonders and miracles of the Universe.

I love my new home and my new beginning and I am very thankful for it.


Background Information:

My life has just about disintergrated since the accident five years ago – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

I end up on the dark side many times – and I need to stay focused on the positive.

Prayers and positive thoughts are needed and greatly appreciated!

Here is one point of mine:

One of my first spiritual teachers told me that when a strong desire for something good forms in my mind, all that is necessary for it to be part of my life is already present. Your house already exists, exactly as you want it, whether it is in the mind of an architect or builder, or already built for someone who no longer needs it, or in some other way that I haven’t considered.

All you need to do is to continue to focus on it, be attentive to the guidance your are given, and do the work to prepare for your move to your new home. Get all of your things organized and ready. See yourself in that new home. Feel the wonderful feelings you will have when you live there. Be open to the possibilities and listen to Spirit. You will be told what to do at the perfect time.

I see you living in comfort, peace, and joy, in a beautiful home that is convenient. I see you holding positive thoughts as you prepare for this wonderful outcome.

About Diet Plans Sites

The Causes Of Heart Attack review of the day is all about statistics about heart disease today. This website covers topics like diet plans, congestive heart failure symptoms and a labelled diagram of the human heart. We liked their articles on:

  • weight loss low sodium diet
  • congestive heart failure symptoms low sodium recipes

Sure, diet plans websites are similar to heart attack symptoms and even heart health sites. I guess that is why we felt it made sense to include a review of statistics about heart disease here at the Causes Of Heart Attack blog. You will find plenty of info on list of high protein foods and we are sure you will learn about weight loss pills and weight conversion chart at this site.

Keep coming back here for heart health information. This other site is better for low sodium foods than even we are for heart attack. I would be willing to bet that weight loss tips is the most popular part of the statistics about heart disease website. Second and third most popular areas would probably be statistics about heart disease and mini stroke warning signs. Reviewing statistics about heart disease on their list of low sodium foods content was a lot of fun for us here at Causes Of Heart Attack. We really want you to enjoy this review as much as our others on heart attack and on heart health websites. Looking up information on weight loss pills has never been easier. You just have to comb through what they have on medical terminology dictionary and healthy weight chart to get it all figured out.

As we bring this stroke symptoms review to a close, we would love to ask for any heart attack symptoms related feedback you have. Also, please let us know if there are any other heart health sites we should review. If you need an excuse to come back to Causes Of Heart Attack for your heart attack symptoms or even weight loss info, then remember how useful this review of statistics about heart disease is and you may not hesitate to return!

New Changes to Your Prescription Pain Medications

Early 2011, the FDA determined that specific mix pain drugs like Vicodin (hydrocodone/acetaminophen), and Percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen) shouldn’t include more than 325mg of acetaminophen per capsule or tablet. That is in an attempt to minimize the danger of liver damage. “Overdose from prescription mix products containing acetaminophen bill for almost half of cases of acetaminophen-related liver failure within the United States; a lot of which lead to liver transplant or death,” mentioned Sandra Kweder, doctor, deputy manager of Work of New Drugs in Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Analysis and Study (CDER).

By January 14, 2014, all prescription pain combination products that include greater than 325mg of acetaminophen must be discontinued by manufacturing companies. What this means is that your current prescription of pain medicine that comprises greater than 325mg of acetaminophen might not be filled next date. There might be delays in getting your prescription. You will have to call your physician for a new prescription using the modifications. Permit time for the drugstore to get the new formulations and to fill your prescription. Reformulated Vicodin ES, Vicodin and Vicodin HP have 300mg of tylenol per pill. Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) may still include 325mg of acetaminophen.

Special labeling is also required by the FDA. A black box warning saying risk and the risks of liver injury will be put into all prescription medication labels that include acetaminophen.

Confusion may be caused by the changes to your pain medications but is essential to reduce the cases of liver damage because of acetaminophen poisoning.


USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA limits acetaminophen in prescription combination products; requires liver toxicity warnings. January 13, 2011

USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Questions and answers about oral prescription acetaminophen products to be limited to 325mg per dosage unit. Accessed: Dec 17, 2013. http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/InformationbyDrugClass/ucm239871.htm

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